WELCOME TO Ayra Retreats

How are you, really?

Patients who no longer met the criteria for PTSD after a psychedelic assisted therapy program.
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Nature Medicine – Phase III Trial
Participants who said it was one their top five most meaninful life experiences.
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Heavy smokers who were nicotine free 12 months after psilocybin therapy.
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Science Based Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

Medical professionals can help clients “find peace” through the use of psychedelic-assisted therapy. 

We are currently looking at options for building an overnight retreat center in Washington in anticipation of future legalization.


Are you stuck?

Psychedelics can create a new awareness and the ability to view “problems” from a new perspective.

Why Ayra

The Hindu meaning of Ayra is “breath of life,” while in Urdu it means “astonishing.” In Arabic, Ayra refers to “something of which there is so much that it cannot be summed up by the eyes.”
Certified. Experienced. Safe.

What We Provide

Expert Staff
Certified facilitators and expert staff to provide a safe experience.
Healthy Practices

Healthy food and holistic offerings such as yoga, meditation, and time in nature round out the experience.

Evidence-Based Approach

A scientific approach and step-by-step best practices as outlined by John Hopkins University and NYU.

Therapy Options

We offer group and private psychedelic experiences.


Multi-day retreats located in secluded natural surroundings.


Licensed, certified, insured. 

For Practitioners

Chances are, you’ve been talking to a client about the same issue for five years. Talk therapy alone isn’t working.

Your client needs a breakthrough.

We can help.

We believe a patient’s current therapist is best positioned to guide pre- and post-psychedelic therapy integration. 

Therapists are welcome to join their clients at our retreats.

Certified. Experienced. Safe.

You're in Good Hands

Dr. Erica Zelfand

ND, Board of Advisors:

Dr. Zelfand is a licensed physician specializing in functional medicine and integrative mental health. She is an expert in psychedelic medicine and teaches internationally on the topic.

Dr. Nathan Sackett

MD, MS, Board of Advisors:

Dr. Nathan Sackett is well known for his research in the use of psychedelics to treat substance abuse disorders and is currently Co-director of the University of Washington’s Center for Novel Therapeutics in Addiction Psychiatry.

Aaron Loehr

CEO and Founder

Aaron brings over 20 years of experience building high-performing teams in the technology space. He is now focused on developing a psychedelic-assisted therapy retreat center.

Michelle Morton Turinsky

Senior Executive Assistant

As Senior Executive Assistant to the CEO, Michelle assists with a variety of projects as well as ensuring that operations run smoothly.

Salvador Giralt

Development Manager

As Development Manager, Salvador is responsible for providing project management, administrative
support, managing the knowledge database, and coordination of providers.

Nadia Contesti

Finance Manager

With a background in international business, Nadia is responsible for all things finance. She works as a liaison with other teams and our providers, focusing on process compliance as well as data accuracy.

Kodie Bekele

Administrative Assistant

Kodie provides administrative support to our team and manages a variety of tasks and projects.

Marconi Torrez

Financial Analyst

Marconi brings strong analytical skills to our team and supports accounting and finance-related projects.
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