Private 1:1 Sessions

For some therapies, individual treatment is preferable, while for others a group experience is optimal. Working with your therapist, we can help you determine which is better suited for you.

Group Sessions

A shared session can provide a powerful experience. While each person is on their own individual journey, many find a group setting comforting and meaningful.

Certified. Experienced. Safe.

What We Provide

Expert Staff
Certified facilitators and expert staff to provide a safe experience.
Healthy Practices
Healthy food and other holistic offerings such as yoga, meditation, and time in nature round out the experience.
Evidence-Based Approach

A scientific approach and step-by-step best practices as outlined by John Hopkins University and NYU.

Therapy Options

We offer group and private psychedelic experiences.


Multi-day retreats located in secluded natural surroundings.


Licensed, certified, insured. 

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